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March 23, 2011 / TheBosoms

‘A’ Week 4

In celebration of Atheism Week, here’s one of my cartoons revisited, refurbished, cleaned up and published in English for the first time:
Cartoon #70 “Heaven 2” – it was a better version (I think) of “Heaven 1.”
Reason cán actually lead to better morality, instead of morality based on silly rigid rules:


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  1. janiek / Mar 25 2011 19:30

    Reason? Rigid rules? Religion? When it comes to morality I think it is hard to say one is proven better than the other. I believe (yes, believe) everybody’s good morals are fostered by morally healthy people nearby, who can make use of any one or more of these props to help sustain their own morality. All of these things are like knives: you can use them to peel potatoes or to cut throats. For the sake of religion or for the fake of reason, any way you like.

    • Ontboezemingen / Mar 26 2011 16:20

      Comparing good morale to a knife sounds like a rigid rule!… + A religious standard that says ‘when A is happening do B, because B is good’ will surely not help in every situation. Reason is needed to figure out what’s really going on and develop a situation-based moral decision.
      But we admit we can be rigid too: we don’t think killing is EVER good, ever.

  2. janiek / Mar 26 2011 16:58

    The comparison was meant between the knife (or hammer or fork) on the one side and reason plus rigid rules on the other side: reason in itself doesn’t improve morals. Rigid rules only sometimes limit bad behaviour. I think people usually make moral decisions with some undefined organ and make up the reasons afterwards.

    • janiek / Mar 28 2011 21:13

      In your reaction on my blog you already pointed out the undefined organ with which people make their moral decisions, but I still choose to believe there is a little more to it than just that.


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