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March 16, 2011 / TheBosoms

Cartoon #166 Ageism


What’s so good about being young?
I never got that.
But I was a weird kid and never liked people in my own agegroup until I was 30 years old. So perhaps I’m doing the reverse of ageism, maybe I’m a ‘juvenist’?
I’m 35 now and wondering: what will my queer trans old(er) age be like?
If I would be only 1% as bad ass as Kate Bornstein is now, I’d be well satisfied. She did one of the most impressive performances I’d ever seen at the Dutch transgender filmfestival.
This year I’m co-organising TranScreen in Amsterdam, the follow up of the latter.
Oh! Let’s hope many young Dutch trans kids will be inspired to organise this (or something similar) themselves too! Trans-representation in trans-hands is still no luxury.


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  1. janiek / Mar 17 2011 20:20

    Those molecules remind me of Kate Bornstein musing about the fact that in a period of seven years every cell in a human body is replaced by a new one. Which meant there was nothing left of her pre-transition body. So what is old?

    Physically transitioning in my case means my body is both ageing and beginning puberty at the very same moment. Weirdly beautiful!

    And then I have just finished writing a review about a book on the sexuality of elderly people (academic, but inspiring nevertheless 😉 ) which communicates the notion that sex is ageless. Old age seems to me as full of promisses ….

    • Ontboezemingen / Mar 17 2011 21:33

      That’s what we were referring to. Except: Kate B is talking about ‘renewing’ and WE are just really old hags.

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