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February 16, 2011 / TheBosoms

Cartoon #147 Intake


Before being diagnosed as transsexual, the ‘patient’ is required to go through ‘intake’ – and gets presented with big lists full of questions. There is a lot of critcism on these lists, as they’re full of silly questions. Some of which would never be asked to people who are -not- transgender, and actually are difficult to answer for ANY human being. I’d love to know what all men really mean when they say “I feel like a man” because I really have no idea what that feels like and if they are actually talking about their bodies, or perhaps they mean they can recognize themselves in other selfproclaimed men?
Anyway… This cartoon is about the hypothetical situation when the genderteam would actually listen to the criticism. They might improve their questionnaires and make them more nuanced. But at the same time this could mean that people who don’t have an academic background might be unable to anser questions about themselves!
I have to give credit to Janiek for unintentionally giving me this idea 🙂
You never know what your comments on these webcomics will lead to!

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  1. janiek / Feb 17 2011 18:47

    I wish I had *never* commented on those webcomics! ….. 😉

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