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February 1, 2011 / TheBosoms

Cartoon #140 Academic


I officially declare I’m taking back the joke I made about Judith Butler in my webcomic this week after she totally saved the day at the Sexual Nationalisms symposium. I’m still shivering from it. Let’s just say someone made a stupid comment (‘all muslims are pedophiles’) and the responses weren’t adressed. At the same time Butler saved the day by calling for a return to the actual problem of fortress Europe and Frontex.
The conference was on a very high academic level but I was able to understand enough to get me going. Although one comment of a discussant almost made me vomit: she, seriously, compared the ‘migration of people’ to the ‘migration of an art image’. Yuck! Please stop wallowing in your academic masturbation, or at least: don’t do it in public.

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