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January 14, 2011 / TheBosoms


Yippee. The bosoms were mentioned on the genderqueer radioshow by the Noodles last wednesday!
They quoted from cartoon #129 and #130. This could become a whole new thing on the radio: put on your anoraks! There’s a genderstorm coming!
By the way: this sunday you ALL must come to Saarein II – because I will be speeching at the newyears’ reception of the Noodles. And we have a very important announcement… It’s got something to do with the CIA…!
Be there or be cis!
Sunday january 16th. 17:00 h.
Elandsstraat 119

+ Fun read for Dutch viewers:
The New Years’ speech I made in 2008
and the one made in 2010.
With pics!


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  1. J.A. B. / Jan 18 2011 14:48

    Awww, I was too late for the speech. Does that mean I’m cis now? :c

  2. Opus the Poet / Jan 24 2011 00:16

    And if you can’t read Dutch you can always use Google Translate. Their Dutch->English logarithm is pretty damn robust.

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