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January 12, 2011 / TheBosoms


Last weekend two happy fans got some ‘Off My Chest/Ontboezemingen’ goodies:
we gave Artgrrl the very first (and only) bosom-covering T-shirt in existence!
If you want one yourself, it’ll cost ya 27 euros (+ if you live outside of Europe: shipping costs) – and you will get the shirt you can see me wearing on this photo.
It shows the ‘Gay Pacman’ cartoon #68 – but especially modified to fit on a black sleek shirt.


Another long time fan, Vreer, received this very special coupon: it says “coupon for a free copy of a perverse little book.”
The bosom on the left is saying “the very first copy of our very first album actually” – the other says “affirmative…”
This means that, within the next month or so ANYONE on this planet (and other galaxies ☼ if they own a credit card) will be able to get themselves a tangible version of Off My Chest! A must have I would say…
I’m thinking of making a very cheap version, for poor queers, and an expensive bling-bling version for rich art lovers.


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