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December 27, 2010 / TheBosoms

Cartoon #124 Holiday


Today’s cartoon is referring to the bad habit some Dutch people have: during holiday season they leave their dogs in the woods because they can’t (or won’t) find anyone to take care of their pet. Nasty!
This webcomic will be on hiatus for a short while, because I’m off to Berlin, Germany, to celebrate a queer new year. I’ll be back january 4th.
In the meanwhile: if you live in the Netherlands, do something nice for pets this holiday season! Don’t leave them dying in the woods like I did with the bosoms. And send the text message “dier” to 2211 – it’s a superfast way of donating to animal rescue teams and helps them survive.
Dutch: Sms de tekst ¨dier¨ naar het nummer 2211, en houd met je supersimpele donatie dierenambulances operationeel.


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  1. Mijke / Dec 27 2010 12:47

    Aahh, gossie. Das zielig 😦 Mochten ze niet mee naar Berlijn?

  2. Vreer / Dec 27 2010 12:50

    Hm, animal nurses and paramedicsI support, but support for animal cops is not necessary. 444? No thanks. Have a once stay in Bearlin btw

    • Ontboezemingen / Dec 27 2010 21:51

      We have absolutely no idea what your comment means but ‘once’ probably stands for ‘nice’…

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