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December 22, 2010 / TheBosoms

Cartoon #121 Pedophiles


At the moment there’s a big media hype in the Netherlands. A pedophile (but pedosexual is a much better word) in Amsterdam is suspected of having abused 64 infants. Anything non-censensual is, ofcourse, awful and should be eradicated intensely. This does not justify that right now EVERY man who is working with anyone under the age of 16 is in danger of being suspected of child abuse. There seems very little chance for emancipation and sexual liberation right now.



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  1. B / Dec 23 2010 12:57

    Yeah. I wonder if the recherche will one day unexpectectly show up at my youth groups. What/who directs them and who do they secretly follow. Amongst other things our kids talk about dildo’s, boobs and sex. Even about transSEXUALITY And I buy the kids chips and cola…and on a warm summer day sometimes even ice cream :/

    OK, that’s clear, I’ll hand myself down to police. To prevent spectacle and office drama haha.
    Although…hmmm… us trannies have a ‘duty’ to be visible and out. And then drama in the wide public works best. I’ll let the paparazzi create their story 🙂

    Going after serious suspects of child abuse is good though!

    • Ontboezemingen / Dec 24 2010 14:10

      Yes, we predict a little police investigation on you quite soon dear!
      No more giving out ice cream! 🙂

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