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December 15, 2010 / TheBosoms

Cartoon #116 Titris


Today’s cartoon is featuring Tamar ! She, unknowingly, made the 100th comment on this site! And thus has won a ‘cameo’ in this Off My Chest cartoon (or she’s hereby being punished for this… Depends on how you look at it…).
So today is a ‘feminist sex-positive fan-based transgender Tetris geek comic tribute’ – nowhere else but here!
Would YOU like to be featured in this webcomic as well? Well dear viewer, then please make more comments!
Your comments inspire me to make more. If you don’t comment, my creative well may run dry, and we don’t want that, do we?

This sounds like a threat because it is.

PS: Yes, I do think a Tetris game with The Bosoms would be cool and I -am- actually planning to make it!

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