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December 5, 2010 / TheBosoms

We have a winner!

This week we’re celebrating the rather unique ‘Off my chest’ cartoonseries.
It’s always amusing for me when people ask me what my cartoon is about and to see their faces, when I say: “It’s about my breasts, who escaped the hospital after they were removed from my body, and who are now living a life independant from me and my nipples…”

On november 28th the 100th cartoon was finally published! The 100th episode is in no way transgender or queer, which I thought was quite a funny thing, but some of my fans were actually complaining about it. To them I say: everyone knows graphic novels are pretentious random shit, and I deserve some of that! This 100th episode gave me the chance to come up with a cartoon character that might be even sicker than the bosoms: the Radish Puppy. Ew..!

This episode came with, ofcourse, a competition: the person who made the most witty comments overall would win a T-SHIRT with their FAVORITE ‘Off My Chest’ cartoon on it. We have two winners: a virtual winner and a non-virtual winner.

The virtual winner: ‘lesbian’ comics character Patricia Cornflake asked through our Facebook page if she could win a virtual T-shirt. Lovely question! Her comics are usually a bit too difficult for me, I don’t always understand them. So I thought: let’s throw in the word “patriarchal”! That will surely do the trick! And I think I came up with a neat little lesbian joke. So yes, here it is, in Patricia Cornflake style:

Now for the real life winner: J.A. B. AKA “frozenrain” got really close but it was Artgrrl who won!
Congrats Artgrrl! You can now pick any ‘Off my chest’ cartoon you like and I will have it printed on a slick and sexy T-shirt and will send it to you!


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  1. J.A. B. / Dec 10 2010 13:08

    I got close? What did I suggest, again?! I forgot D=

    • Ontboezemingen / Dec 10 2010 13:29

      You just put in many excellent replies 🙂 f.e. at Cartoon #61 Transolympics and Cartoon #57 Bosomenvy, and thanks for the stuffthatdidnotmakemetrans tip!

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