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November 22, 2010 / TheBosoms

Cartoon #95 Cattle-grid

For Dutch viewers: cattle-grid = wildrooster.


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  1. artgrrl / Nov 22 2010 11:18

    The thing is, here in the Sarphatipark there’s a grid to separate the park in a part for dogs and a part for children. Maybe the grid is made to prevent the bosoms to affect the gender of small children. I’ve never thought about it, until today!

  2. aboveandbeyondgender / Nov 29 2010 22:25

    Obviously the bosoms do not have a farming background or they would know that it isn’t the actual grid that prevents animals (or bosoms) from walking over it- it’s a visual perception thing. When the cattle see the gap between the bars they don’t know how deep it is so don’t try walking over in case they fall down. Once one of them has trotted over (perhaps being accidentally shoved by another cow) they’ll then realise that they can cross it and happily trot back and forth. When the other cows see this they’re brave enough to try it too.

    There are no barriers that the bosoms cannot cross if they want to, they just need to close their eyes and go for it! Hopefully all the other bosoms will be so impressed by their bravery that they’ll soon follow? 🙂

    • Ontboezemingen / Nov 29 2010 22:49

      Good one!
      But as you can see: one tried and simply slithered through.
      Poor bosom!

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