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November 16, 2010 / TheBosoms

Cartoon #89 YouTrans


I can’t take it anymore: enough with the YouTube diaries already!
And do you honestly think 9 days of hormones – and then vlogging about it on day 10 – and then day 11 again – will be soooo much different?
Please, grow up! And become interesting while you do!



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  1. B. / Nov 16 2010 13:45


  2. J.A. B. / Nov 17 2010 02:25

    I KNOW, RIGHT! Couldn’t agree more. -___- ()

  3. artgrrl / Nov 17 2010 12:22

    I know that frustration! heel herkenbaar!

  4. Ontboezemingen / Nov 17 2010 21:57

    You know what’s funny? At first I didn’t like this cartoon and I thought it was too negative for the minority that ‘we’ (transgender folks) are but this month this has turned out to be the most popular cartoon so far!

  5. artgrrl / Dec 1 2010 14:27

    zelfspot zou veel transen goed staan 🙂

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