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September 9, 2010 / TheBosoms

Cartoon #52 TG misread

A common misunderstanding!*


“We are not a breast-deficiency, we are a breast-surplus”

* This cartoon refers to the common misunderstanding transmen are faced with, when telling people they are transsexual. Most of the time the answer will be “Ah, so you will be a woman soon?”
I know it’s not good when you have to explain a joke, but since this webcomics site is also meant for non-transgendered people, a little education really can do no harm.


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  1. J.A. B. / Nov 17 2010 17:19

    My mom is like that. If I would tell her that for example a trans guy I know had breast surgery, she would go “Oh, so you mean he has breasts now?” My mom fails at talking about trans people. -_-

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