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(Most of this site is in English, just scroll down for the English translation of this intro comic)
A new cartoon (fairly) regularly.
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We are the Bosoms
We used to be connected to someone
The surgeon cut us off…
…and also took away our nipples…
they were put back on our owner
so now we have a nipplehole
We’ve got a bit of leakage down there.
Yes, we’re bosoms, but we are not ‘female’!
Now we’re off, to enjoy our freedom!

“Na het zien van deze strip, lag mijn leven totaal overhoop…” ~ voormalig Koningin Beatrix
(After seeing these comics, my life became a total mess ~ former Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands)

“Dit is echt héél erg slecht voor je gezondheid… ” ~ de huisarts
(This is just really bad for your health… ~ the doctor)


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  1. roostertails / Nov 28 2010 22:19

    This is sooo cute! I am glad the bosoms are enjoying their freedom🙂

  2. niksebastian / Dec 5 2010 22:50

    This is adorable and lighthearted, I’ve got to subscribe.🙂

  3. Emily / Mar 28 2011 12:21

    Wat een leuke strip! Nu weet ik wat ik ga vanavond doen: De rest lezen!🙂

    • Ontboezemingen / Mar 28 2011 12:43

      Welkom Emily! Daar zul je best een tijdje mee zoet zijn…😉

  4. Queeristan Queeries / Jun 9 2011 16:41


  5. 50 / Feb 1 2012 21:14

    i read ur coment on trans girl diaries web comic. i am a mtf teen and decided to review yours myself? i liked it honestly but the whole main characters being boobs..was a little ackward and unrelatable at first but they kind of..hmm grow on u :p. it is an enjoyable comic and i would be disipointed if u stoped making them ..more english though -.-

    • TheBosoms / Feb 2 2012 11:54

      All the new episodes are completely in English, and each (old) comic has the translation underneath, enjoy!

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